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About Promiser Co ShenZhen


Promiser Co ShenZhen is company founded in 2014. specialized in import of quality European food, snacks and supplements to the Chinese market. Our main collaborators are German companies, especially Hahne Mühlenwerke, one of the biggest producer of cereal and muesli in Europe, and Nutrillo, which is specialized in production of vitamins, supplements, effervescent tablets and similar. In 2015 we visited International Snacks Fair ISM in Cologne, Germany and started collaboration with various producers of chocolate, gummy candy and other sweets. We also participated at ShenZhen and GuangZhou food fair in 2015.
We introduce top quality snacks, healthy food and food suplements, produced by famous European brands to the Chinese market. Our mission is to enable people to easily maintain healthy life style with the help of our products, such as effervescent vitamin tablets and food supplements. We also have a special line of colorful, tasty candy for kids. We represent traditional values and tend to the well-being of our customers.


PlanTree is a registered trademark of Promiser Co ShenZhen. It represents our effort to bring healthy food from Europe to customers in China. Muesli is a product which is often used in diets and can lower cholesterol or blood sugar. Effervescent vitamin tablets are a grat suplement for people who a active or have busy lifestyle. PlanTree will soon introduce new products to the Chinese market in an effort to satisy the growing need and necesity of a healthy lifestyle. PlanTree is a warranty of high quality for all brand products. Look for PlanTree brand in your supermarket or contact us HERE if your supermarket doesn't have PlanTree products, but you wish to buy them.


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For inquiries regarding our business, products or collaboration feel free to contact us during office hours via phone +8613714205676 or by email or through the contact form below. We like to chat, so don't be shy. You can also visit us at our office Room 505, Block C, Huangdu Square, Yitian Road, Futian District, 518081 Shenzhen, Guangdong, it's very easy to find.